How to use Deer Defeat repellent for Fall bulbs planting!!!

Use of Deer Defeat Repellent to protect fall bulbs planting:

It’s time to start planting the Spring bulbs and Deer Defeat can help with the protection right from the start!

For best results make sure you have healthy bulbs. Soak the bulbs in a bucket with just enough solution of Ready to use Deer Defeat Repellent to cover the bulbs. Let the bulbs soak for at least one hour. If you are taking the bulbs out by hand please use ┬ádisposable gloves. You can reuse the repellent the bulbs were soaking in but be careful to scoop all the floating debris on top or strain the solution through a fine mesh so the debris won’t clog your sprayer. You can plant the bulbs while still wet or let them dry in the sun before planting them. It will give you the same results but we prefer to let the bulbs dry before planting them. Deer Defeat Repellent will protect your bulbs from being dug out by deer, squirrels, chipmunks or other little creatures and it will give your bulbs a nutritional boost to start sprouting early in the spring.

If you had always been planning to plant some bulbs but hesitated because you were afraid of loosing them over the winter, treating the bulbs with Deer Defeat all natural deer, rabbit and groundhog repellent will put your mind at ease. So, if you want a beautiful display of spring flowers get busy now and start planting!

Good Luck!

Deer Defeat Team

Don’t forget to continue spraying your mums and other deer loving plants and enjoy those flowers until the cold weather sets in.